About Taegan Westin

Taegan got her first taste of the Energy Breakthrough when she assisted in the organisation of the Energy Expo component back in 2001. During her high school days she worked in the Promotions & Marketing Department at the Central Goldfields Shire and has been involved with the creation and execution of social media and website content for the Energy Breakthrough since 2016. Taegan is a skilled social media manager who has experience with some of Australia’s biggest businesses and brands. In 2018, Taegan has launched her own digital marketing business.

Super Saturday – Catch Up on All Things Pushcarts and HPV A Related!

Our Primary School HPV teams were back down on the VicRoads Track nice and early this morning for the restart of their 14 hour trial after being on compulsory breaks overnight.  The day also kicked off nice and early for our Pushcart teams who took part in their Sprints down on the front straight of Track 1. 

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Day 2 – Pushcarts & HPV Class A (Primary) … And They’re Off & Racing

Our second official day of the 2018 Energy Breakthrough saw our newly named VicRoads Track come alive with our Pushcart Teams taking to the track for their Endurance Event. But ... it was midday that everyone on the VicRoads Track was waiting for. With the assembly grid all ready, the minute the Australian flag dropped - they were off and racing!

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Mount Pleasant Primary School – They’re New Around Here!

Each and every year the Energy Breakthrough grows in popularity with schools wanting to participate. And the 2018 event is no different, with a selection of schools making their EB debut this weekend including Mount Pleasant Primary School.

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True Energy Breakthrough Spirit Shines Bright With Caledonian Primary School – We Hear Their Story!

The night is always darkest before the dawn and Caledonian Primary School’s metaphorical night certainly seemed black when their HPV vehicles were reported stolen earlier this month. With just days until the 2018 Energy Breakthrough, brazen thieves broke into the school and stole two HPV carts in a senseless act.

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Sounds of EB – A Spotify playlist

So, the time has come. You’ve packed your bags, checked it twice and you’ve just realised you haven’t thought about creating a playlist to listen to on your journey to Maryborough. Not to worry - we’ve got you covered with our 'Sounds of EB' Spotify playlist.

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The Road to Maryborough: Share your story

The Energy Breakthrough produces some amazing stories each year. And every person at the event has a different reason for being there, obstacles they've overcome and achievements they want to celebrate. This year we are running a special feature and want to hear from schools, participants and parents in the lead up to the event with any amazing stories, celebrations, milestones and hardships they, you or your school may have experienced. Drop us an email to media[at]eb.org.au with a few dot points about your story and we will be in touch shortly.

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David Somers brings Dan Riccardo’s ‘shoey’ celebration to Maryborough

Over the past 27 years, we've seen many different way teams celebrate the achievements and milestones they reach at the Energy Breakthrough on Sunday afternoon. And 2017 was no different! After NINE years of participation, Year 12 student David Somers decided to celebrate his final stint at Maryborough Dan Riccardo-style: with a water-filled 'shoey'!

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