About Bronte Harrop

Bronte Harrop had her first taste of the EB in 2005, when her mother was supporting Weeroona College Bendigo. Let's just say she was hooked. She hit the track with Catholic College Bendigo between 2009 and 2014 and is now a passionate volunteer with this event and many others across Victoria. In 2012, inspired by her aunty's fight with cancer, Bronte rode a human powered vehicle around a Bendigo velodrome non-stop for 12 hours to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

KidzFlip : 2018 Volunteers aiming to become Participants in 2019

If you walked by Corner Eight of track one at the Energy Breakthrough this year, you would have come across a policeman and a group of young adults, marshalling the infamous 'crash corner'.  These young adults were there day-and-night-and-day for this year’s Breakthrough, and the reason why is pretty special: part community service, part reconnaissance as KidzFlip prepares for a tilt at the Energy Breakthrough in 2019.

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Preview: Pushcarts – three days and five challenges!

With the 28th Energy Breakthrough fast approaching, it’s time to make sure those tyres are pumped and those steering axles greased. Over 500 students from 40 primary schools have been working hard all year to make sure their pushcarts are looking good and ready to race! The pushcarts is made up of a number of events over three days- giving participants the chance to show us what they’re made of.

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St Therese’s Primary students learn from seasoned Catholic College Bendigo campaigners

As schools enter their final preparations for the 2017 RACV Energy Breakthrough, over 30 students from St. Therese’s Primary School in Bendigo have spent two days with some seasoned Catholic College Bendigo campaigners. With these older students keen to pass on their knowledge to the eager youngsters, RACV EB Pushcarts coordinator Bronte Harrop joined them to see them in action.

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